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First proper output by Berlin/Leipzig based three-piece. MEDICINE NOOSE deliver down tuned punk rock in its vilest and simplest form. 90's-style sludge in the veins of GRIEF, NOOTHGRUSH and TOADLIQUOR. Musical regression caused by the omnipresent conditions of angst, despair, total self-loathing and the undeniable feeling of leading a life that is barely yours.

These two songs aim to question the special position of human life ('tardigrade'), while furthermore criticizing human consciousness to be stuck in old patterns ('witch burner').

Slow, loud, abrasive and stodgy.
No reinventing the wheel, no bullshitting around.

Limited to 297 hand numbered copies.


HV002  BRUDT - Vold Og Vrede

BRUDT is one-men Black Metal, drawing its influence from bands of this genres second wave. Recorded under utterly poor conditions, VOLD OG VREDE offers raw Norwegian-style Black Metal, that is all about buzzing guitars, rattling drums and absurdly shrieking vocals.

Limited to 33 hand numbered cassette tapes.


HV003  PISSBOILER - Demo 1

PISSBOILER on this release manage to create a soundscape that oscillates somewhere between funeral doom structures, sludgy riffs and death metal vocals. Two songs of pure grimness - dull and repetitive. Backed with a cover by classical Black Metal outift VON.

Limited to 61 hand numbered cassette tapes.


HV004  BRUDT - Krig

KRIG is the second output by Leipzig based entity BRUDT. These four songs can best be understood as the most logical consequence of predecessor VOLD OG VREDE. No obliged progress. No gloomy atmosphere. Just black metal in its raw version.

Split release with ALTSTADTWOLF RECORDS.
Limited to 49 hand numbered cassette tapes.


HV005  SAVAGE REALM - Nocturnal Savagery

Sludgy metallic hardcore with not too few hints of death metal. Downtuned to hell and back. Neck-breaking and stodgy. Sounds like cavemen having a fight. Think ENEWETAK and UNRUH.

Re-release. Originally released by SUPERFI. Limited to 99 cassette tapes.



Dystopic 90s-style Sludge/Doom-Metal outfit MEDICINE NOOSE teams up with SPEWN and their sheer macedonian absurdity. Both sludgy, both punk-ish, both metal-ish. Both different. Raw and filthy in any case.

Edition of 300.


HV007  BRUDT - Sommersolhverv

BRUDT is dead. Long live BRUDT.

Third and final output. Everything necessary has been said and done. This more bleak and depressive sounding EP marks the end of the musical entity that has been active for exactly one year.

Second-wave influenced scandinavian style Black Metal. As harsh as piercing.

Limited to 51 cassette tapes. To be released on december 21st.


HV008  TRESSPASER - Чому не вийшло?

Sweden-based combos first official output can best be understood as a musical sermon, preaching the end-time-message. This is 32 minutes worth of apocalyptic black metal mayhem in the veins of IMMORTAL and UNANIMATED. Sounds like hell broke loose, shattering down everything we hold dear into pieces of anguish.

Limited to 200 black copies /100 golden copies /w double sided A2 poster.



Germany's noiseviolence obliterators collaboration with ambient modular synth mysterio and fellow countryman Tooth Decay. A sine wave slaughter of jagged sawtooth destruction obliterating the boundaries of conventional hardcore punk.

Limited to 300 black copies.

Released in association with NERVE ALTAR RECORDS. All credit due to their respective artists - GALL & Aaron Nichols.